Revolukin Magazine, Issue 1

Revolukin Magazine, Issue 1


Issue 1 explores the human experience in relation to TIME. 184 pages. Printed on FSC-certified paper.

Current limited print run of 2000 copies.

Estimated delivery: October 2019.

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Designed to make people feel a little bit better about the world we live in.

Issue 1 explores the human concept of time.

Revolukin Magazine is split into three sections that study the issue's focus from a different angle: Introspection (personal essays), Invention (editorials with creative influencers), and Inquiry (interviews with artists, researchers, and activists).


5 Essays

  • "70 Year Old Millennial": Thoughts on the fleeting nature of our lives, and an urge to take more chances

  • "When I Got High": A first encounter with marijuana and its time-distorting properties

  • "On Healing": Reflections on witnessing and experiencing grief and trauma

  • "Ski Lifts": An exploration of family relationships and the experience of growing throughout life together

  • "Notes on Time": An overview of what scientific research tells us about time

7 Photo Essays

  • "Say YES to New Friends": An investigation of the fluctuating values and formats of friendship as we grow older

  • "LOVE": An exploration of the experience of falling in love

  • "Pacific Crest Trail": Thoughts and discoveries on the Pacific Crest Trail

  • "Cream Cheese Crepes": Letters between two best friends reflecting on their youth

  • "Tears on Concrete": Journals spanning a writer's tussle with New York City over the course of a year

  • "#revolukin Community": Features of everyday creatives sharing their photography and life stories online with #revolukin

  • "FLOW": A photo essay on the psychological experience of flow

7 Interviews & Creative Features

  • "CHRISTINE NGUYEN": An interview and photo editorial with the photographer, video creator, and vinyl spinning DJ on growing up and inviting change, including personal poems and photographs

  • "BEN PRESCOTT": An interview and photo editorial with the commercial, lifestyle, and outdoors photographer on tackling fear and redefining success, including a personal essay on photography

  • "CHINAE ALEXANDER": An interview and photo editorial with the lifestyle personality, writer, podcast creator, and wellness expert on entrepreneurship and taking chances, including a personal essay on coming full circle

  • "Wisdom Years": A field interview showcasing quoted wisdom from the young and old

  • "Krista Kim: Techism": An interview with the artist on the future of humanity and the movement merging the fields of art and technology

  • "Razan Al Sarraf: 100 Portrait Series": A feature of the artist and her series of portraits exploring what it means to be human and the concept of terrorism

  • "Edafe Okporo: Igniting Impact": An interview with the director of the only shelter in New York City designated for LGBTQ refugees and asylum seekers



Travis Zane, Brianna Olsen, Diana Elena, Shauna Simon, Diane Kim, Sarina Merely, Olivia Johnson, Connor Rafferty, Grace Calhoun, Toa Heftiba, Takoda Patterson, Alexandra Strauchova


Christine Nguyen, Ben Prescott, Chinae Alexander, Krista Kim, Razan Al Sarraf, Edafe Okporo


Travis Zane, Cara Einstein, Brianna Olsen, Umesh Patel, Nolan Zane, Schuyler Fox, Spencer Lee, Olga Golubkova