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Revolukin Razan Al Sarraf

revolutionary • kin

Revolukin stands for “revolutionary kin”—kind people doing cool things that make the world a better place.

We are a multimedia company celebrating human connection, culture, and introspection. We are a platform for diverse voices and multicultural conversations. We are a global community of creators, change-makers, and everyday individuals obsessed with the human story, pursuing positive change in our societies, environments, and individual lives.

Everything we do is an attempt to reinvigorate modern culture with emotional, inquisitive, and honest storytelling.



Revolukin Magazine is a creative investigation of the human experience, a biannual publication celebrating emotional insight, human connection, and interdisciplinary innovation.

The magazine follows a number of creatives, artists, activists and researchers who seek to share with sentiment and vulnerability, transcending curated superficials associated with fast content, social media, and the modern web. Each print issue explores a single theme of life or place, uncovering the interconnected narratives that make us smile, laugh, cry, and think. Every magazine is printed on FSC-certified paper and filled with intimate autobiographical essays, photo essays, poems, interviews, and creative designs.











Editor’s note

Hello, fellow human! My name is Travis Zane and I’m the Founder & Creator of Revolukin, as well as the Editor-in-chief of Revolukin Magazine. It is my life goal and journey to thread together narratives that make us feel in meaningful ways. Revolukin sprouted out of a desire to create something meaningful and thought-focused, a collection of stories people could sit down with, read, and feel a little bit better about the world afterwards. Every story we publish serves as a breath of fresh air in between vague captions and LED screens, in hopes of transpiring a sense of compassion, insight, and interconnectedness within communities around the world. We believe in people who believe in those around them. We stand for vulnerability and thoughtfulness, a fervency for life and a promise to pursue a positively defined future. We strive to dig deep and do things differently in order to tell extraordinary stories from ordinary places—about everyday people—for all of us.

Please, grab a cup of tea (or a bottle of wine) and make yourself at home with one of our magazines, web editorials, or vivacious-and-versatile playlists. And if we ever meet in person, feel free to go in for a hug.


Cheers! 乾杯! Skål!

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